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Dark smoke

From Ashes:
Book One of the Illuminator Saga 

By Heather Wohl

Quistix Dedumal, an elf blacksmith, suffers a tragic, devastating loss the night a bandit invades her humble Bellaneau home in search of something called “The Illuminator.” After months of crushing loneliness, the disheveled half-elf is out for blood, seeing revenge on the man who shattered her once-contented life. Soon, a wounded wyl, a brilliant esteg, and child-like dragonling soon join her on her cross-country journey, banding together in a riotous, misfit crew.

But Destoria is a dangerous place. The isle is bursting with clever hybrid creatures, floating magical cities, budding romance, treacherous backstabbers, underwater creatures, infuriated inelm trees, drug-addled bandits, magical abilities, snow-encrusted landscapes, unique weaponry, and the Isle's sadistic, dikeeka-peddling new queen: Exos Tempest.

Join Quistix, the incredibly talented half-elf, on the first of many adventures in this exciting Illuminator saga.

The sequel, Desdemona in Embers: Book Two of the Illuminator Saga released November 17, 2023.


“Wohl is a force, taking the torch from legends like Tolkien and running with it full steam ahead.” - Erica Summers, author of Bad God’s Tower and Vanity Kills

“Fast-paced with action and mystery. I need to second book NOW!” - Alexandria Williams, Instagram book reviewer

“I actually could picture the Isle of Destoria. I'm ready for the next book!” -Stephanie Mansour, Instagram book reviewer

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