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By Rowen Sikora, Ella Sikora, & Erica Summers

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Third graders, Rowen and Ella, take you on wild adventures where danger lurks around nearly every corner and only YOU can guide them to the gold and riches they seek! You get to choose your path our books feature multiple endings so it can be enjoyed again and again! With bright colors and lots of art, it is a favorite with fans of the Geronimo Stilton books or the classic, beloved original Choose Your Own Adventure series.

The Choice Is Yours is a full-color adventure series for kids 7-12 where the reader chooses their way to multiple endings! Each adventure is full of mild dangers and crazy characters and pets. The reader must decide which path they want to take them to one of the many fates.

The Choice Is Yours books can be enjoyed multiple times and feature wildly different paths full of riddles and options that empower a young reader to make wise decisions at an early age and gently illustrate that every choice has a consequence or reward. This can be an excellent lesson for a young person to subconsciously absorb as they are enjoying their action-packed adventure.

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