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The Billionaire's Assistant
By Odessa Alba

Billionaires Assistant2cover only.jpg

Welcome to Greenwich, Connecticut. Home of scenic beaches, brilliant autumn foliage, and affluent hedge-fund billionaires.

Unable to don his outrageously-expensive, bespoke suits and perform everyday tasks now that he's injured, attractive billionaire, Eric, is desperate for an assistant. The VP of his lucrative investment firm hires a temporary live-in helper, Kira, to run errands and help out with his young daughter, Bella. But the moment the wild blonde arrives, Eric's tense, cold life is completely upended. Though their upbringings couldn't be further apart, the two find themselves fiercely drawn together.

Despite being thoroughly resentful of her presence, Eric can't stop fantasizing about every deliciously sinful thing he wants to do to the stunning new hire. Like a moth to a flame, he is drawn to her carefree demeanor, warmth, and hilarity.

Despite his callous exterior, Kira finds herself lusting after her powerful boss, too. Not only is he swoon-worthy, but he is a loving parent, too. Something that Kira was never lucky enough to have in her own life...

But with every caress, with every stolen kiss, they're playing with fire. Eric was never built for flings and Kira needs the job more than anything. But the days in Eric's mansion are long, and their yearning is fierce. Will the sudden presence of Bella's mother drive a wedge between them? Can two people so vastly different have their happy-ever-after?

The Billionaire's Assistant is book one of the brand new New England Billionaires Series. It can be read as a standalone or as a sequential part of the series.

Note: Contains a HEA and no cheating. People who enjoy billionaire romance, workplace romance, sexy bosses, he falls first, and grumpy single dad tropes will love this tale of love, life, wild abandon, and filthy money.

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