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The Great Timbers
By James A. Kane

When poachers invade an idyllic Wyoming meadow to scout the perfect location to build a lucrative hunting lodge,the animals' lives are forever changed. Marred by the harrowing intrusion, the grieving society of woodland creatures must summon the courage to unite, predators and prey alike, to protect their majestic utopia from the rifle-toting men.

Set in the scenic Rocky Mountains, The Great Timbers is a spellbinding story about friendship, loss, dignity, loyalty and war. It is a poignant piece of literary animal fiction in the spirit of the Richard Adams' classic Watership Down, George Orwell's The Animal Farm, or Johnathan Durham's Winterset Hollow.

Full of heart, The Great Timbers is a captivating and timeless animal adventure in which the hunters have just become the hunted.
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