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By Erica Summers

A Horror Novel with a dash of comedy

Prophetic chain-smoking bisexual, Mantis, finds herself in the midst of a nightmarish demon apocalypse and soon seeks help from her estranged friend, Black Eyed Betty, a born-again former prostitute. It isn’t until Betty’s seven-year-old son, Gabriel, is abducted, that they decide to join forces on a dark journey to rescue him. Hours later, a bubbly exotic dancer and her smitten co-worker are recruited to aid them on their hilariously hellish misadventure. With Mantis at the helm, the band of unlikely misfit degenerates sets out on a bizarre thrill-ride through the quirky American South, battling sinister creatures, chasing painful memories, and negotiating with a slew of twisted characters for pieces of a mysterious holy relic.
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