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Call of the Wyl
By Heather Wohl and Aurora Alba

Call of the Wyl Mockup with blue flower.jpg

How much money would it take to send your own brother to the dungeons?

Wyl-hunter, Brutus, is in hot pursuit of his elusive sibling, Otis. With a bounty dangling over his sibling's head, Brutus, the thief-taker, must vow to bring his own relative to justice for the much-needed reward money. Along his mysterious journey, he finds himself in the midst of Brute Fest, a violent festival where blackened eyes and vicious brawls are things to be celebrated. His trip takes an even more intriguing turn when he becomes enraptured by a stunning beauty, Violet. Captivated by the wild world around him, and Violet's unusual talents, Brutus must make an impossible choice between love, money, and family.

Sure to quench your thirst for adventure, Call of the Wyl is a brand new fantasy standalone novella with a hint of paranormal romance set in the Isle of Destoria. Brought to you by the author of From Ashes and Desdemona in Embers (the first two installments of the acclaimed Illuminator Saga) and co-written with romance author, Aurora Alba.

Note: You do not have to read the other books of the series to enjoy Call of the Wyl, however, if you have, you will find a treasure trove of hidden references and backstory to some existing characters you've come to know and enjoy.

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