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Image by David McCumskay

Desdemona in Embers:
Book Two of the Illuminator Saga

By Heather Wohl

Join Quistix, a battle-torn blacksmith on a dangerous mission, as she and her endearing companions journey to deliver the knowledge-hungry esteg, Aurora, to the floating city of Apex. Quistix soon unearths a dark family history and delves into the rich mystery surrounding her wild, new magical abilities. Meanwhile, back on the isle of Destoria, a power-drunk quichyrd breathes life into the dead, playing God to her amassed, army of rotting creatures. With airborne dragons, puzzles, vicious tundra goblins, thieving wyls, power-hungry royalty, and the seething undead, this exciting continuation of the saga is a tale of hilarity, heartbreak, and thrilling adventure that will leave you with the question: Who is truly running Destoria?

NOTE: Desdemona in Embers is the second installment of Heather Wohl's dark, high-fantasy series: The Illuminator Saga. While we recommend reading From Ashes (Book One) first, Desdemona in Embers does contain a recap of the first novel if you wish to dive straight in.
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